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What it honed tube?

Honed tube is well known as hydraulic cylinder tube in many industries. This is because honed tubes are the most important materials of manufacturing hydraulic cylinders. And as this kind of tubing is usually honed in tube inside diameter, it is known as honed ID tubing also.

The honed tubes are suitable for various kinds of Precision Mechanical Tube, Honed Cylinder Tubing and Hydraulic Cylinder, Construct use Multi Joint Tube, Steel Axis Pipe, Injection Machine and Robotic Arm.

Honed tubes are the main materials for manufacturing and repairing hydraulic power unit cylinders and pneumatic cylinders with piston rod. Mostly the honed cylinder tubes are produced from ¡°suitable to hone¡± cold drawn seamless tubes or DOM tubes, by Honing process or Skiving & Roller burnishing process.

What is Honing Process?

Tube honing process is mostly utilized to produce smoothly inside surface finishes, and to ensure accurate dimension tolerances on inside diameters.

The honing process uses abrasive stones and paper to machine the inside diameter of the cold drawn seamless tubes, which ¡°grinds¡± stock away to eliminate the surface defects from the cold drawing process; and to reach the required tolerances and surface roughness. And usually we should use cutting fluids to offer easy cutting action and also to clear away the cut material from the inside surface.

What are the advantages of honing cylinder tubes?

High processing accuracy of the inside diameters

Good surface quality: the surface of honing is cross-grain, which is beneficial to the storage of lubricating oil and the maintenance of oil film.

The honing speed is low (one tenth of the grinding speed), and the oil stone is in surface contact with the hole, so the average grinding pressure of each abrasive grain is small, so that while honing, the surface of the workpiece is almost without thermal damage and metamorphic layer, the deformation is small too. The honing machined surface has almost no sand and extruded hard layers.

What is Skiving & Roller Burnishing process?

The skived & roller burnishing process is a single pass operation that uses a cutting tool (skiving knives) on the forward path, to remove the stock to machine to the specified dimension, and then uses roller bearings on the reverse stroke, to burnish the inside surface to achieve the highest surface finish tolerances.

What are the advantages of Skiving & Roller Burnishing cylinder tubes?

The honed cylinder tubes which are processed by Skiving & Roller Burnishing have a surface residual compressive stress left on the surface layer, which contributes to the sealing of the surface micro crack and hinders the expansion of the erosion effect. Thereby, the surface corrosion resistance is improved, and the generation or expansion of the fatigue crack can be delayed, thereby improving the fatigue strength of the honed tube.

Through Roller burnish forming, the rolling surface forms a cold hardening layer, which reduces the elastic and plastic deformation of the grinding contact surface, thereby improving the wear resistance of the inner wall of the honing pipe and avoiding burns caused by grinding.

After rolling, the inside surface roughness value of honed tube is reduced, which can improve the tolerance fit property.

After knowing the advantages of the honing process compared to Skiving & Roller burnishing process, people can easily determine which manufacturing process to use when they need to purchase the honed cylinder tubes. Skyline Precision Steel Pipe  Manufacturing Co., Ltd is one of the leading hone tube manufacturers & suppliers in China, it can produce honing tubes with both of the above manufacturing processes.

Honed Tube is produced by drawing stainless steel, chrome plated rod or aluminum tube over a mandrel or cold drawn seamless honed tube where the surface is stress relieved and annealed.

we¡¯re offering a wide collection of Hydraulic Honed Tube which we provide to the customers had been made the usage of a excessive nice of raw materials. these are provided at affordable charge.

we¡¯re a number of the prestigious producers and providers of pleasant nice Honed Tube. those tubes are exactly synthetic in compliance with the enterprise laid parameters the use of finest excellent steel that is received from actual carriers. appreciated for a continuing finish, corrosion resistance and hassle-free set up, these tubes locate their programs in earth shifting machinery and pneumatic & hydraulic cylinders.

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